Specialists in Lubricants since 1976  
About Us
Turbhe Chemicals was founded by Mr. Boby Philip Kavalam in 1976. He continues to serve as the Chairman and CEO of the company. The company is owned entirely by Mr. Kavalam and his family.
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A plant for the manufacture of Lubricating greases was set up in 1976 in the prime Industrial Area Turbhe, in the vicinity of the metropolis Mumbai, India.

The Mission Statement for this company was the timely supply of Superior Quality Greases to discerning clients with established brands, who could understand and appreciate the quality and therefore market the greases effectively.

The company supplies quality greases to a number of Multinational brands within India and also exports its entire range of lubricants to multinational brands and other private labels outside of India.
Over the years, the manufacturing facilities at Turbhe Chemicals have been steadily and continually upgraded, both in terms of manufacturing capacities and also, more importantly, in terms of contemporary grease manufacturing technologies.